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Prophetess Salome Cooper

About She Prays

The SHE PRAYS women's conference is a therapeutic and faith-based event that aims to assist women who are broken and lost, rediscover their purpose, understand who they are in Christ, and become better versions of themselves. Prophetess Salome Cooper launched She Prays in 2022. God has told Prophetess Salome that He is “forming an ARMY OF WOMEN, women with NO LIMITS who will step out in faith, be deliberate, and determined to set the stage for themselves and their generation”. This conference promotes spiritual development by creating an atmosphere favorable to increasing one's connection with God.

She Prays 

December 2024

Ladies, join Prophetess Salome Cooper and her extraordinary group of women for a thrilling two-day conference. This conference equips you to pray your will through and be the anointed woman God has called you to be. Praying for one another helps us get through tough times and keeps us encouraged!

December 26th

Conference 5pm ET

93 Prudence Ave. Providence, RI. 02909

December 27th

Formal Dinner 1pm ET

70 Jefferson St., Providence, RI 02908

The meet and greet will take place from 5pm ET to 7pm ET, followed by the opening of the Conference at 7pm ET. The conference will feature powerful worship, amazing speakers, and enjoyable activities.

Dress Code: On the first day of the conference, kindly wear black jeans and present a confirmation of registration in order to receive a "She Prays" T-shirt.

Kindly ensure that you are appropriately attired for the formal dinner scheduled on the last day of the conference.

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